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Blockchain Hackathon Dublin 2016

This weekend I attended the second Blockchain Hackathon, a 2.5 day event organised by Chainsmiths in DCU Alpha (Google Maps), sponsored by Fidelity, Deloitte and Bank Of Ireland.

The event was attended by 150 attendees, nearly half of whom came from overseas (with large contingent from France, it seemed)

The weekend kicked off on Friday night with pitches and team formation. There were about 20 pitches, of which 14 were voted through. Voting took the form of each attendee placing a posit with their name on it on each pitch poster.

The team I joined, "Pandoor", proposed using a social media platform, such as Twitter, to activate a smart contract on Ethereum. It didn't win, but contained some cool technology allowing an external platform to be validated and access a blockchain. Could be very useful a couple of years from now as blockcain usage increases.

The event was really well run and hosted. In addition to working with the hack team, I learned a lot talking with the mentors about all things blockchain, as well as attending several great workshops. The whole event was very informative and interesting.

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